Deadly Flowers Giveaway!

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Deadly Flowers

Twenty-four lucky libraries got a free copy of Deadly Flowers in a giveaway created by the awesome and entertaining Curious City. They also got a chance to try a great interactive game that uses the book to help readers find their way around the stacks. Here’s what some had to say:

“A perfect book for the age group about making decisions.”
“Excited about this book!”
“How cool is this kit? I can’t wait to use it for a back-to-school event!! :)”
“I already know my kids are going to be interested in this book! Thank you for this opportunity!”
“I can’t wait to play this game with the library tweens!”
“I have students who will LOVE this!”
“I know just the right students for this book!”
“I know some kids that would enjoy this book!”
“I think my students will love this book!”
“Kids will love this!”
“Looks like a great book for our library!”
“My students love this type of book.”
“Nice to see a female taking the lead in an action adventure.”
“Our middle school students in our after school students would love this book!”
“Sounds great for my middle schoolers!”
“Sounds like a book the kids (and I) will love!”
“Sounds like a Great MS read for my students & pre-service teachers!”
“Sounds like an awesome story for our middle school readers!”
“The activity kit looks great.”
“This is a great giveaway! We have a really active manga patronage, and I think this would be a great book to entice them to the traditional print format.”
“This looks like a great book club title. Thanks!”
“This looks like a really great book! Thanks for the opportunity to share it with my patrons.”
“This looks like a very interesting read and I think it would be a big hit in our library!”
“This sounds so interesting!”
“This would be a great book to feature this summer when we have free lunch and could spend all afternoon running a ninja school training!”
“This would be great for my ninja fans!”
“This would be great for our bookclub!”

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Ninjas In the Stacks!

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IMG_2390-1024x768My awesome publicist, Kirsten Cappy of Curious City, has created a thrilling ninja activity for bookstores and libraries! Readers will become book ninjas as they use their wits and dexterity and perhaps a card catalog to uncover clues and solve puzzles and perform challenges. Great, fun, and active–fabulous for grades 5-10. Check it out!

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Happy Holidays!

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jktThere’s a wind chill of -23 outside, so here’s a little gift to lift your spirits this chilly holiday season: a quick peek inside Deadly Wish, the upcoming sequel to Deadly Flowers:

Once inside, I shut the door behind me and stood still. It was really the kind of job I needed a dark lantern for, but that would have been too much to smuggle into the house and keep hidden from Goro’s watchful eye. The clothes and the knife had been difficult enough.


I would have to complete this task without using my sight. I closed my eyes, so that I would not distract myself by straining to see. My other senses opened up, like night-blooming flowers. Hearing sharpened. My sense of smell heightened. My skin tingled with eagerness to touch.

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Jacket Art for Deadly Wish!

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jktDeadly Wish, the sequel to Deadly Flowers, has a glorious brand-new jacket. When I see jacket art for a novel, it always feels startling–oh, they’re really going to make this into a book? Gosh. I had no idea.

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