Ninjas in the Library

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We had an awesome Deadly Flowers event at the Portland Public Library last Saturday! Our fearless and stealthy readers hunted for clues in the stacks (learning just a tad about the Dewey Decimal system in the process), figured out a rope puzzle (not easy!) and practiced sneaking up silently on a blindfolded partner (no peeking!). And of course many left with signed copies of Deadly Flowers and the brand-new Deadly Wish.

All this was courtesy of the excellent game kit created by the brilliant Kirsten Cappy of Curious City. To recreate this event, download the kit and buy yourself a few dozen Japanese Kit-Kats for snack (we had them in raspberry, strawberry, and green tea flavors). I guarantee you an adventurous event!

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Japanese Demons In the Bathroom.

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Yoshikazu_AkanameThe bathtub licker…the little girl who haunts elementary school (third stall from the left)…worst of all, the dreadful Red Cape / Blue Cape–all here.

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Imagine an Art Project!

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IMG_7238 IMG_7237 IMG_7236 IMG_7143 IMG_7142 IMG_7137IMG_7240 IMG_7239The students at John Norquay Elementary School in Vancouver, Canada did something truly extraordinary! Classes often do art projects based on the Imagine series of picture books, in which my poems were paired with magical realistic art by the remarkable John Gonsalves, but rarely are they are stunning as these enchanting sculptures. The effect is of a magical forest. How I’d love to stroll through it!


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Phenomenal Woman

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Heartbroken to lose her. The world is sadder, dimmer, and less beautiful without her.

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