Getting Into Print: A Writer’s and Editor’s Perspective
After reading samples from some of my work, I discuss the publishing process from the perspective of both a writer and an editor. Learn how an idea makes it into a manuscript and what happens to that manuscript once it hits an editor’s desk. (45 minutes-1 hour)

Former Editor Tells All: Secrets of the Acquisition Meeting Revealed
Just because an editor likes a manuscript doesn’t automatically mean it has a smooth road to publication. First it must pass through a trial by fire known as the acquisition meeting. From a former editor, learn behind-the-scenes details about who attends these meetings and what they’re looking for.

All presentations include time for a Q&A session.

In Portland, Maine: $200 per presentation
Outside of Portland, Maine: $800 for 4 presentations a day, $1000 for 5 presentations, plus travel expenses