Quick, Little Monkey!

MONKEY coverQuick, Little Monkey!
By Sarah L. Thomson
Illustrated by Lita Judge

Ages: 4-8
Boyd’s Mill Press
March 2016

Little Monkey faces perils and pitfalls as she explores her rainforest home. Luckily, Dad is nearby and keeps a watchful eye on his curious child. A heartwarming story of the bond between an adventurous child and a loving parent, with plenty of excitement to keep young picture book readers riveted.

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Awards and Accolades
“Exciting jungle high jinks starring one adorable little monkey and her protective Papa.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“The wide-eyed primate heroine is cute and plucky…. It’s an evocative story of survival of the itty-bittiest.”  —Publishers Weekly

“Little Monkey and her father fly through the jungle treetops in an exciting verdant adventure.”
–Barnes & Noble, BNKidsblog