Best School Visit Question

Posted by on Mar 16, 2012 in Book: Mercy: The Last NE Vampire, Children's Literature, School Visits | 0 comments

Today I was asked the best question ever during a school visit.

I was at a middle school for my first full-day visit about MERCY. Went well. I could sharpen up my presentation a bit, I think–trying to make too many points in too little time. But the kids were definitely attentive while I was reading–a good sign.

In the Q&A session, I naturally got the question, “Team Edward or Team Jacob?”

“Ooh–erck–neither!” I said, very articulately.

Then a quiet, coltish girl who’s going to be a beauty when she grows into those legs said, “Team guy who hit Bella with a car?”

YES! That’s my girl.

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