Mercy Is Famous!

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If you’re in Trumbull, CT, on Tuesday, Nov. 15th, drop by the Trumbull Library to hear a discussion of the New England vampire tradition in general and Mercy Brown in particular. The Smoking Gun Research Agency will be giving a presentation on the homegrown vampires of the Northeast.

The Smoking Gun Folks are researchers into the paranormal, the spooky, and the strange. Should be a chilling evening! I have to give them credit for what sounds like an informed look at the New England vampire tradition. You can believe or not believe in the actual undead–me, I’m entirely on the skeptical side. But the history of the belief, and the questions of why our ancestors believed the things they did, are always fascinating to hear about–which is, of course, why Mercy came to be.

Look here for a bit more information on the event.

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