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If you google “Mercy Brown” on YouTube, you come across a fascinating variety of videos. I viewed this one from The Devil’s Hopyard–a great summary of the historical events around Mercy’s death and exhumation, although I don’t know about the bell they mention as possibly inside the crypt. I know that was sometimes done in Victorian times. (People got oddly hysterical about the idea of being buried alive–it was kind of a trend. Despite the fact that there were, I believe, no verified cases where it actually happened. I mean, even before embalming people were not stupid and could tell if you were breathing or not. But I digress.) I’ve never actually heard of such a bell as a piece of the Mercy Brown legend. Still, it’s a very clear and succinct recounting of what went on, and you can get a clear view of the Chestnut Hill Cemetery where Mercy and her family (Edwin too) are buried.

Of course, if you search for “Mercy Brown Book Trailer” you’ll also come across our awesome trailer for Mercy, featuring the lovely and talented Emily as both Mercy and Haley. Doesn’t Emily look absolutely haunted in that eerie final shot?

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