Plesiosaurs On Bookshelves!

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51wu7pRcNPLIt’s here! The latest in the Ancient Animal series, Plesiosaurs, releases today. Not the Loch Ness Monster–these are the real thing. A early reader with clear, simple language describes the hunting habits, family life (Did they look after their young? Where did they lay their eggs?), and eventual extinction of these dinosaur relatives. Fun and fascinating!

(Check out Terror Bird and Saber-Toothed Cat for more prehistoric delight.)

Reviewers say:

“Thomson describes in short sentences and simple language how plesiosaurs hunted, got about with their flippers, gave birth to live young, and succumbed at last to an extinction event 65 millions years ago. Details both tantalize (the “smooth stones” in a plesiosaur’s stomach “may have helped to crush food”) and enlighten through concrete example: “Some plesiosaurs were only a bit longer than a broomstick. Some could’ve stretched halfway across a basketball court.” Plant juices up the presentation with dramatic (labeled) portraits of thrillingly toothy predators leaving trails of blood in the water as they eat and are eaten.
Tempting fare for young dino-devotees.
Kirkus Reviews

“Thomson brings a third book in the series to life with an entry on the plesiosaur. A title worth purchasing to round out a prehistoric animal collection.”
School Library Journal

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