Review of Deadly Flowers

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Deadly Flowers

Children’s Literature has a nice review of Deadly Flowers. Lovely to be compared to Lloyd Alexander! Do kids read him anymore? It seems like I spent half my childhood in Prydain.

Rather than trusting no one, [Kata] learns to decipher who is trustworthy, and instead of blind obedience to a master, she starts to wonder if freedom from any master is possible. This journey through feudal Japan and its hero folklore is reminiscent of some of Lloyd Alexander’s works. Ninja fans and others will fall in love with this daring, determined, and silent warrior.


  1. I really liked your book Deadly Flowers. I was just curious, are you going to write a sequel to go after it? I think it would be pretty cool if you did a follow-up book about what Kata does after finally escaping everything. It would also be interesting if you wrote a book on what happens with Saiko. Anyways, I really enjoyed Deadly Flowers and hope to see more books like this one, whether as sequels or just related to Japanese history and such. Thanks!

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