School Library Journal STAR!

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FLOWERS-175I’m doing happy dances in front of my computer (aren’t you glad you can’t see?) because Deadly Flowers got a STARRED review from School Library Journal!

Kata has been training since childhood to be the sly, disciplined ninja she’s become. She strives to live up to the standards Madame Chiyome has set for her “deadly flowers.” She has learned to trust no one, and is determined to not let anything or anyone deter her from her first mission as an assassin for hire. However, she never expected her target to be a young boy, and she suddenly finds herself confronted with the most difficult decision she’s ever faced–take a young boy’s life or accept the dire consequences of having failed her mission. This-action packed book will captivate both girls and boys and does a great job of portraying the importance of taking ownership for one’s life, despite the conflicts and social constraints one might face. Highly recommended.

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