Second Draft

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The second draft of Deadly Wish (which will be the sequel to Deadly Flowers) just went back to my editor. I think only Edward Gorey has really captured what this moment feels like to a writer, in the immortal The Unstrung Harp, or Mr. Earbrass Writes a Novel:

Holding TUH [The Unstrung Harp, or The Novel of the Title] not very neatly done up in pink butcher’s paper, which was all he could find in a last minute search before leaving to catch his train to London, Mr. Earbrass arrives at the offices of his publishers to deliver it. The stairs look oddly menacing, as if he might break a leg on one of them. Suddenly, the whole thing strikes him as very silly, and he thinks he will go drop his parcel off the Embankment and thus save everyone concerned a good deal of fuss.

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