Deadly Flowers

Deadly FlowersFLOWERS cover
By Sarah L. Thomson

Ages: 10 and up
Boyd’s Mill Press
April 2016
ISBN: 978-1-62979-214-9 
 Hardcover Trade, $17.95

On her first mission, a fifteen-year-old ninja finds a magic talisman that might make her the best shadow warrior who has ever lived–or that might devour her soul. She must face samurai, demons, and her own fears as she decides who she can trust and what her future will be.

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Awards and Accolades
“This-action packed book will captivate both girls and boy
s and does a great job of portraying the importance of taking ownership for one’s life, despite the conflicts and social constraints one might face. Highly recommended.”
School Library Connections, starred review

Feudal Japan is a fascinating backdrop….Genuinely thrilling, with surprises at every turn and a solid emotional core, this is just the thing for Percy Jackson fanatics thirsty for more, more, more.”

“Ninja-loving readers will rejoice at this clever, dangerous, vivacious book.”
The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

“This mission turns into a coming-of-age lesson for Kata that forces her to challenge herself while she learns about deception, trust and friendship. The story unfolds with many twists and turns that keep readers intrigued, including many frightening encounters with demons and ghosts pulled from Japanese folklore that range from spooky to outright terrifying. Kata struggles to survive and keep others around her safe. This book is a great combination of adventure, fantasy, and horror, with two strong heroines who form an unlikely alliance.”
School Library Journal

“In Kata and Saiko, Thomson has created heroines who are opposites yet manage to use their strengths to take control of their lives under the social restraints of their time…. Japanese spirits are described in frightfully vivid detail, along with the ninjas’ death-defying exploits. Edge-of-your-seat action that will have both girls and boys rooting for the girl ninjas.”
Kirkus Reviews

Nonstop action, interesting characters, and a journey into another time and culture.”

“This action-packed adventure blends historical fiction with intriguing supernatural elements drawn from Japanese folklore.”
The Horn Book

“As [Kata] learns to rely on her new traveling companions and others who reach out to help them along the way, she begins to question some of her long held beliefs. Rather than trusting no one, she learns to decipher who is trustworthy, and instead of blind obedience to a master, she starts to wonder if freedom from any master is possible. This journey through feudal Japan and its hero folklore is reminiscent of some of Lloyd Alexander’s works. Ninja fans and others will fall in love with this daring, determined, and silent warrior.”
–Children’s Literature

“This is a great fantasy/historical/adventure mashup of a book. And I love that it is a female protagonist that has to think, act, and save the day. Seriously, this is one great adventure story. Just watch out for all those pesky (and sometimes evil) demons.”
Provo City Library, Provo, Utah

“Readers will be drawn from chapter to chapter, enjoying the exotic setting, ancient Japan, the magical characters from Japanese folklore, and the feeling of awe as Kata again escapes a seemingly impossibly dangerous situation.”
Catholic Library World

• Winner, Elizabeth Burr/Worzalla Award, Wisconsin Library Association

• Kansas NEA Reading Circle Catalog

• Pennsylvania Young Readers Choice Awards, 2017-18